Friday, 11 November 2011

Rare Shinies on Tpmrpg

These pokes are unob or rare.

Shiny Larvitar

Shiny Latias

Shiny Meroetta

Shiny Minezumi

Shiny Mew

More will be added ^^

Coming Update Jan 2012

Indeed, I am not dead. Yet.

As you may or may not know, I've been focusing on school above other things.

In terms of this website, it's likely that what I had planned for Version 1.5 will be Version 2.0. In other words, I suppose, the new version will be more like the current version. That said, it'll still be much, much different than the current version....

In terms of the things I had planned for Version 2.0 originally, a fair bit of those things can just be added later as upgrades. I realize I've kind of changed course a few times, but this is the last time.

Soon enough, more information on Version 2.0 will be given. The release of Version 2.0 is likely to be in January, give or take. Before the release, there will probably be a few events that will allow you to get something special at the beginning of Version 2.0.

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by Cless.

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